The chamber of commerce at Sholapur renders valuable service towards developing trade activities in the district. It was established in 1961 under the Societies Registration Act. The objects of this body include fostering and developing friendly and mutual relations among the business community and industrialists and promoting the interests of the business community in matters of inland and foreign trade, shipping, transport industry, banking and insurance. It strives for settlement of disputes among traders, as also between traders and the market committee, and to redress grievances of the traders in respect of sales tax, income-tax and other related problems. The chamber of commerce collects statistics and other data for the information of the interested parties.

The affairs of the chamber are looked after by the managing committee of 25 members which consists of President, Vice-President, General Secretary and other members.

Representatives of the chamber are co-opted by various Government and semi-Government bodies, Indian Merchants' Chamber, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce and Maratha Chamber of Commerce and Industries. The chamber is also an advisor to the (1) Divisional Railway Users' Consultative Committee, (2) District Food Advisory Board, (3) Sholapur Rotary Club, and (4) Pandharpur Railway Broadgauge Action Committee. The chamber helped in the establishment of the Siddheshwar Co-operative Sugar factory at Sholapur in 1969 and took initiative to secure for it loan of Rs. 36 lakhs from Government. The chamber also strongly advocated the abolition of statutory rationing in Sholapur city which was ultimately abolished in May 1968. The chamber has undertaken the work of industrial survey of Sholapur since 1969 with the help of Government and private agencies. The income of the chamber was Rs. 7,620 and expenditure Rs. 4,615 in the year 1968-69. The chamber has extended loans to the tune of Rs. 33,599 till 1969 to the various agencies to help them start business.