The Directorate of Publicity has a Publicity Officer for the district with head-quarters at Sholapur. He gives wide publicity to the developmental activities and schemes undertaken by the State Government in the district. The media of documentary films, newspapers, booklets, periodicals and other visual aids are used for the purpose of educating the people. The District Publicity Officer issues news items and feature articles to the local newspapers of the district. He arranges sale and distribution of publications issued by the Government of India and also distributes wall-posters, booklets, leaflets, etc., issued by the Directorate of Publicity, Government of Maharashtra. the District Publicity Officer keeps himself in close contact with officials as well as social workers, press and the main currents in the public life of the district. He is also in charge of the District Information Centre. The office of the District Publicity Officer and the District Information Centre are under the administrative jurisdiction of the Regional Publicity Officer, Pune.

The District Information Centre provides for a free reading-room where newspapers, magazines, maps and charts giving information about the district, booklets on the Government activities in the district and books of general interest and other reports are kept for ready reference. Querries received from the visitors are duly replied with a view to guiding them. The movie equipment along with the mobile publicity van now comes under the control of the Zilla Parishad.