Under the Rural Broadcasting Scheme [Now the scheme is looked after by the chief director, Information and public Relations.], the Directorate of Rural Broadcasting distributes radio sets to the rural and semi-urban areas through the District Publicity Officer.

Rural broadcasting through its net-work of community radio sets plays an important role in teaching rural masses. The community radio set is a peaceful medium and means of dissemination of news and information.

Upto March 1973, 895 villages were having receiving sets. Out of 948 villages and 155 hamlets in the district community listening sets will be installed by the end of Fourth Plan in 922 villages and 84 hamlets. In the Fifth Plan period it is proposed to cover the entire villages in the district by installing community listening sets in the remaining 26 villages. In addition, four hamlets will be covered.

There is also a scheme started in the Fourth Plan period under which group listening is organised by providing a radio set. The group includes schools, hospitals, industrial workers, family planning centres, farmers' club and various other public institutions. Twenty radio sets have been provided so far and it is proposed to instal 415 additional radio sets for group listening centres. A provision of Rs. 0.60 lakh for making the deficit good in the receipt and expenditure for implementing the Rural Broadcasting Programme has been made in the District Plan.