In 1958-59 there were in all six colleges in the district affiliated to Pune University. (From 1962 they have been affiliated to the Shivaji University, Kolhapur.) The number rose to eight in 1962-63. They provide education in the faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, Teaching and Medicine. Of these, one was a medical college opened in 1963. Out of the eight colleges, six are located at Sholapur and one each at Barshi and Pandharpur. The medical college is now known as Dr. Vaishampayan Memorial Medical College. As on 15th July 1969 there were thirteen colleges in the district. Among them seven are Arts and Science, two Commerce, two B.Ed., one Law and one Medical college. During 1971-72 the number of higher institutions rose to nineteen.

The total number of college-students rose from 2,238 in 1958-59 to 3,044 in 1960-61. In 1965-66 it stood at 8,350 and 14,497 in 1971-72.

The number of lecturers and professors working in the colleges was 102 in 1957-58 as against 169 in 1961-62. It was 304 in 1965-66 and in 1971-72 it stood at 490.

Facilities of free education under Economically Backward Class Schemes are availed of by the collegiate students too. The percentage of beneficiaries to the total number of students under these schemes was 44 during the year 1961-62. This increased to 51 in the year 1963-64.

In 1965-66 the total enrolment of backward class beneficiaries was 2,601 including 2,367 boys and 234 girls. Among them 503 were from scheduled castes, three from scheduled tribes and 2,095 from other backward classes. During the year 1971-72 there were 1,230 scheduled caste beneficiaries.

N.C.C. and A.C.C.: There were two units of junior N.C.C. and two units of senior N.C.C. including one girls' unit. There were also 54 units of A.C.C. including three units of girls.