The primary and secondary education in the district is under the dual control of the Education Department of the Zilla Parishad at the district level and the Education Department of the Government at the State level. At the head of educational set-up of the district is the Education Officer of the Zilla Parishad. He is assisted in his work by two Deputy Education Officers, one dealing with primary education and the other with the secondary education.

As the district head for education, the Education Officer has powers to supervise, control and guide the work of his subordinates. He has also the powers to inspect the release of grants to private. primary and secondary schools in the district. In case of ashram schools, pre-P.T.C. and primary teachers training colleges run by the local bodies, the grants are released by the Deputy Director of Education, Pune Region. The Education Officer has also the power of granting recognition to primary and secondary schools. The work of inspection of primary schools is done by the Assistant Deputy Educational Inspectors.

At the State level, the Deputy Director of Education is empowered to give recognition to village libraries and public libraries in the district and to sanction grants to them every year. The Deputy Director of Education is the appointing authority of Assistant Masters in the training colleges in the region.

All the girls' schools, primary and secondary, come within purview of the Zilla Parishad. Visits and inspections of primary schools is done by the two lady Assistant Deputy Education Inspectresses while the secondary schools are inspected by the Inspectress of Girls' Schools, Aurangabad Division. The reports of inspection in the case of girls' secondary schools are forwarded to the Education Department.

The municipalities are given certain powers under various Acts pertaining to local self-government. Accordingly, recognition of schools in the municipal area is the responsibility of the Education Officer whereas allotment of grants from the State revenue is entrusted to the municipality concerned.