Agricultural School: In 1958-59, Sholapur had one agricultural school. Formerly this was meant for training demobilised military personnel, but now civilians are also admitted for training. There were two courses, viz., one for dry farming lasting for one year, and the other for dry farming kamgar-cum-overseers course lasting for six months. The above courses were modified later on. Now two years' courses have been prescribed. Every year forty students are given admission in this school. The school trains the students who are desirous of opting for services in agricultural field after the secondary stage of their education is completed. It also provides specialised courses in general technique relating to agriculture. In 1963-64, the enrolment in the school was 89. It increased to 101 in 1969. The number of teachers was seven in the same year.

Soil conservation: There is one soil conservation training institute at Sholapur. It mainly trains candidates for services in soil conservation wing of the agriculture department. The duration of its course is for six months. In 1958-59 the number of students in the institute was 194. It increased to 274 in 1963-64. It was 54 in 1969. The number of teachers was nine in the same year.

Table No. 9 shows the number of professional schools in the district.