As regards the training of the teachers, there were seven institutions working in the district in 1958-59. Basic training colleges for primary teachers were established at Pandharpur and Barshi. The number of trainees in these institutions was 199 in 1957-58. It stood at 165 in 1958-59. In 1960-61 there were six primary teachers training institutions including one for women. Of these, two for men were Government institutions. These institutions imparted training to 605 trainees at a time. There was one pre-primary training institute for women during the same period imparting training to 51 trainees. There were three institutions which provided training to the candidates who have passed the S. S. C. Examination. In 1958-59 there was one Secondary Training College in the district. The number of students was forty in 1958-59 and 106 in 1963-64 including 22 girls. In 1969 there were two secondary training institutions and the enrolment in them was 339, out of whom 282 were boys and 57 girls. The number of teachers was 31 in the same year.