In order to assist the Mamlatdar in exercising proper supervision over the village officers and village servants and to make local enquiries of every kind promptly, Circle Officers in the grade of awal karkuns and Circle Inspectors in the grade of karkuns are appointed. The Circle Officer certifies entries in the Record-of-Rights and thus relieves the Mamlatdar of a good deal of routine work. There are from thirty to fifty villages in charge of a Circle Officer or a Circle Inspector. These officers form a link between the Mamlatdar and the village officers.

Each taluka has generally one Circle Officer and four Circle Inspectors. Their duties include boundary-mark inspection of crops including their annewari, the inspection of tagai works and detection of illegal occupation of land; preparation of agricultural and other statistical returns, viz., crop statistics, cattle census, and water-supply; supervision of the village officers in the preparation and maintenance of the Record-of-Rights, the mutation register and the tenancy register; examination of rayats' receipt books and supervision of the revenue collection; and such other miscellaneous work as the Mamlatdar may from time to time entrust them with, e.g., enquiry into any alleged encroachments, etc.

In the year 1971 there were fourteen Circle Officers in the district. The number of Circle Inspectors during the same year stood at 33.