In 1959, the total number of doctors was 63, out of whom 36 were serving in urban areas and 27 in rural areas. Similarly out of 91 nurses, 88 were serving in urban areas and the rest in rural areas. The number of compounders, midwives and dais was 37, 45 and 39, respectively. The number of doctors and nurses was 61 and 174, respectively in 1960.

Table No. 7 shows the position of health services in the district for the years 1951, 1954, 1956 and 1961.

According to the 1961 Census the number of persons working as physicians, surgeons, dentists, nurses and other medical and health technicians, in the district was 2,177, out of whom 851 were physicians, surgeons and dentists. Out of 851 physicians, surgeons, etc., 189 were working in rural areas as against 662 in urban areas of the district. The position of nurses and other technical staff was 263 in the rural areas and 702 in the urban areas.

During 1972 there were 113 doctors and 383 nurses engaged in medical profession. Besides, there were six vaidyas.