In 1955 the then Government of Bombay established a Maternity and Child Health Bureau in the Directorate of Public Health with its head-quarters at Pune, in collaboration with the Government of India. The work pertaining to maternity and child health in rural areas is now integrated with the Primary Health Centres and Public Health Units.

Maternity and child health services provided at these centres are:

(1) Ante-natal, intra-natal and post-natal care, domiciliary and institutional.

(2) Infant and child care, domiciliary and institutional.

(3) School health.

(4) Training of midwives so as to give skilled midwifery services to village women and

(5) Health education and family planning.

There is a combined medical and public health unit working at Kole. The unit serves about eight to ten thousand people in a group of eight to ten villages within a radius of three to five miles. Each unit is placed in charge of a Subsidised Medical Practitioner assisted by a Health Visitor, a midwife, a trained dai and woman-attendant who are responsible for medical care of the rural population entrusted to the unit and maternity and child welfare work in all its aspects.

Table No. 6 shows the number of maternity and child welfare centres, Health Visitors and trained midwives in the district.