According to the old Sholapur District Gazetteer the work of vaccination was carried on by twelve vaccinators under the supervision of a Deputy Sanitary Inspector. Of these operators, nine were distributed over the rural parts of the district, and of the remaining three, one worked at each of the towns of Sholapur, Barshi and Pandharpur and also in some of the villages within a radius of three miles round the town. The total number of persons vaccinated was 26.000 besides 438 re-vaccinations in 1883-84, compared with 13,435 primary vaccinations in 1869-70.

In 1875, the Surgeon-General was relieved of his duties and sanitation department was started as a separate department under the Sanitary Commissioner. An Inspector of Sanitation and Vaccination was appointed for each district. There were fourteen vaccinators working in the district. In 1909, Sholapur district was declared as a selected district, and the vaccination staff in this district was transferred to the Local Boards.

During the World War II the District Health Organisation Scheme was first introduced in Sholapur in the year 1942. The District Health Officer was made responsible for vaccination and sanitation and preventive measures against communicable diseases and all other public health activities. In Bombay State the vaccination work against small-pox was started by the then Government in the year 1958. Prior to this, vaccination, sanitation as also medical and public health activities were looked after by the Surgeon-General to the Government of Bombay.

Tables Nos. 4 and 5 give the statistics regarding vaccination in Sholapur district from 1893 to 1965 and for Akkalkot State from 1893-94 to 1920-21.