According to the Census of 1961 as many as 6,379 persons were engaged in making of caps, hats and other head-gears, traditional garments, bora caps, rain-coats and rain-headgears, of whom 5,680 were males.

Cotton and woollen cloth, embroidery canvas, card-board, thread, etc., are required for this business. These articles are imported from Surat, Delhi, Ludhiana and Bombay.

The equipment required for this trade consists of sewing machines, needles, etc. The investment in the accessories as also the equipment depends upon the size of the establishment, usually varying between Rs. 500 and Rs. 2,500. Generally the caps and head-gears are sold to the hosiery stores.

Most of the establishments are situated in rented premises and do a good business during the marriage and festival season.