The existence of hotels and restaurants is becoming a necessity due to the changing pattern of socio-economic life of the community. In many villages in the district there are small tea-shops. The big hotels are located in Sholapur city and other towns of the district which provide hot as well as cold drinks, milk, eatables, and in a few cases they serve meals on rice-plate or lunch basis. According to the Census of 1961, the number of persons employed in the services rendered by hotels, boarding houses, eating houses, cafes, restaurants and lodging and boarding houses was 4,982 in Sholapur district. Of the 4,982 persons, 4,567 persons were males and 415 females. The above persons were engaged in urban area as well as in rural area. Out of 4,982 persons, 3,879 persons were waiters, bartenders and related workers. The employment in this occupation was 2,903 in 1951.

As per 1971 Census there are in all 2,622 hotels and restaurants in the district, of which 1,473 arc in rural areas and the remaining 1,149 in the urban areas. The rural hotels and restaurants employ 2,843 persons while the urban ones employ 5,779 persons, the total number of persons employed in this occupation in the district approximately doubled from 4,982 in 1961 to 8,622 in 1971. The cause of urban hotels engaging more persons than the rural may be attributed to larger demand from the hoteliers due to large size of their business and also to the financial and other varied facilities offered to the employees by the hoteliers in the urban areas.

Sugar, tea powder, coffee, milk, rice, wheat, besan (gram flour), rava (semolina), vanaspati oil, groundnut oil, ghee, condiments and spices, onions, vegetables, potatoes, etc. are required by these establishments for their various preparations.

The investment in furniture, fans, radio set, utensils, glasses and crockery, depending upon the size of the establishment, varied from Rs. 700 to Rs. 25,000. The number of persons employed in these establishments is determined by the size of the establishment. Cooks, waiters and cleaners are paid Rs. 90, Rs. 60 and Rs. 40, respectively in the big hotels. Besides salary, meals, snacks and tea are also given to them.

The net income of 26 hotels and restaurants surveyed varied from Rs. 150 to Rs. 1,000 per month.

The main items of expenditure are provisions, rent and wages, the item of provision being the largest.