Laundering is a hereditary occupation of the Dhobis. In the past the Dhobi was one of the twelve village servants known as Balutedars end was paid in kind at the harvest time. In villages he goes from house to house for collection of clothes for washing and ironing. But in the towns people go to the laundry to give him their clothes for washing and pressing. This occupation has been prospering in the towns and cities due to the increase in the standard of living of the people.

Both males as well as females are engaged in this occupation, according to the Census of 1961, [The data is based on statistics from Census of Maharashtra, Part II-B (ii), occupational classification, 1961.] the total number of persons engaged as launderers, dry cleaners and pressers was 1,367 in this district. Of the 1,367 persons, 863 were males and the rest were females. This occupation provided employment to 851 persons in 1951.

A large-size laundry is found to possess two or more irons, two or three tables, show cases, glass cupboards, etc. In some laundries darning facilities are also available. In the survey it was found that a few laundries belonging to the modern category possessed power machines for washing purpose.

Soap, washing soda, bleaching powder, starch, indigo, tinopal, etc. are used as accessories for washing the clothes. Charcoal, fire-wood and electricity are used as fuel. The expenditure on these items accounts for Rs. 10 to Rs. 90 per month depending upon the size of the establishment.

The number of workers employed in a laundry depends upon the size of the unit. A big laundry is found to engage five to six workers. The monthly wages paid to each worker amount to about Rs. 75 to Rs. 125. Generally laundries charge fifteen to twenty paise for ordinary washing and thirty to forty paise for special washing. They charge about 75 paise for the washing of terene or a terycot shirt and about Rs. 1.50 for the washing of terene, terycot or woollen pant.

The income of an average establishment varies from Rs. 150 to Rs. 240 per month in case of a small unit and from Rs. 300 to Rs. 450 per month in case of a large unit.