THE BUILDINGS AND COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT AT THE State level is headed by the Chief Engineer to the Government assisted by the Superintending Engineers of Buildings and Communications circles.

The department at the district level is under the control of the State Government as also of the Zilla Parishad. All the work relating to the roads below the category of State highways and the buildings required by the Zilla Parishad are the responsibility of the Zilla Parishad. The maintenance of State and National Highways and buildings required by the State sector are the responsibility of the department under the State sector. The Sholapur Division is under the charge of an Executive Engineer who is subordinate to the Superintending Engineer, Pune Circle, Pune.

Superintending Engineer: The Superintending Engineer is responsible for the administration and general control of all the works in charge of the Buildings and Communications Department in his circle and for their efficient execution. Sholapur district comes under the jurisdiction of Central Circle, Pune. The supervision and control of assessment of revenue from irrigation works within his circle rest with the Superintending Engineer.

Executive Engineer: The Executive Engineer is in charge of the division and is responsible to the Superintending Engineer of his circle for execution and management of all works within his district in the State sector. He is also the ex-officio professional adviser to all the departments of the State within the limit of his charge. The works coming under the district sector are controlled by the Parishad Executive Engineer who is responsible to the Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Parishad.

Sub-Divisional Officer: The Overseers are in charge of the Section under Sub-Divisional Officers. The Sub-Divisional Officers are responsible to the Executive Engineer in charge of the division for the management and execution of works within their sub-divisions. The activities relate to construction, repairs and maintenance of roads (State Highways and National Highways) and Government buildings which have remained with the State sector.

The Sholapur Division has three permanent Sub-Divisions at Sholapur, Barshi and Pandharpur. The sub-division comprises sections suitably formed for convenient and efficient working and control over works in the areas. The activities of Sholapur Buildings and Communications Division mainly pertain to maintenance of National Highways and State Highways, upgrading of roads, carrying out standard improvements, construction of new bridges, maintenance and construction of new buildings for State Government departments and maintenance of Inspection Bungalows.

The total length of roads in the district as on 31st March 1973 under National Highways and State Highways passing through Sholapur district was 899 kilometres. The total length coming under Zilla Parishad was 4,803 kilometres, out of which Major District Roads accounted for 1,064 kilometres, Other District Roads 1,087 kilometres and Village Roads 2,652 kilometres.

The construction of important buildings such as Industrial Training Institution, Civil Hospital, Nurses' Hostel, Polytechnic Building, District Court Building at Sholapur and Cottage Hospital, Karmala, is in progress, the overall average work-load of the division being to the tune of Rs. 64,00,000.