The nationalisation of passenger transport was decided upon by the State Government in the year 1947. The services were accordingly run departmentally in the following years. The administration of these services was subsequently transferred to a statutory corporation established under the Road Transport Corporation Act of 1948. Since then, the Corporation has been re-constituted under the Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950.

Organisation: The Divisional Controller is in charge of a division. He is responsible for the operations of the division and in the execution of his duties he is assisted by many officers, viz., the Divisional Traffic Officer, Labour Officer, Divisional Mechanical Engineer, etc.

The Divisional Traffic Officer is entrusted with the duties pertaining to traffic and operations and the Labour Officer looks after all the matters relating to labour relations with the administration. He has to look after the publicity work in the division. The accounts and statistics branches are looked after by the Divisional Accounts Officer and the Divisional Statistician. The Divisional Mechanical Engineer is in charge of the technical side of the division. He is assisted in his work by the Divisional Works Superintendent. The Depot Managers are responsible for the working of their respective depots in the division.

The Sholapur State Transport Division covers the whole of the Sholapur district and has depots situated at Sholapur, Akkalkot, Barshi, Karmala, Pandharpur and Akluj. The total strength of the S. T. fleet in the division in 1970-71 was 250. The depot-wise strength of these buses was: Sholapur 62; Akkalkot 33; Barshi 43; Karmala 37; Pandharpur 49; and Akluj 26.