Christians are chiefly found in Sholapur. Of the Sholapur Christians, some were Europeans mostly soldiers, some Eurasians, and some Natives who are mostly converts of the American Maratha Mission. The mission began its work in the district in 1862. To spread Christian knowledge the mission opened schools, kept for sale a large stock of the Holy Scriptures and other Christian books and tracts, and its missionaries preached to the people. Most of the converts have kept their names and surnames; but in naming their children they generally prefer Christian to Hindu names. Persons bearing the same surnames inter-marry; but close relationship is a bar to marriage. They form one community eating together and inter-marrying. But Brahman and other high class converts are averse from marrying with families who originally were Mahars and Mangs. They do not differ in food, drink, dress, calling, faith and customs, from Ahmadnagar Christians.