Hindus : The pattern of houses and housing have undergone considerable changes during the thirty years, particularly in urban areas. The old wada pattern houses of the rich, whether in urban areas or rural which were intended for the use of large joint families are fast giving way, specially in urban areas to compact bungalows and flats in many-storeyed structures in Sholapur, Pandharpur and other urban centres.

The old dhaba houses still flourish in rural areas. Houses of this class consist of osari (front verandah) which is used as an office or place of business, majghar or the central spacious room for dining and sitting, deoghar or a room for the family-gods and a place of prayers, a kitchen and an additional room or two. Generally, there is a cattle-shed in the backyard, a separate privy and a bathing shade.

Houses, whether of Hindus or Muslims, do not differ much except in point of some furniture. Houses of poor people are cottages of one or two rooms without proper ventilation.