Situated in 1730' north latitude and 7530' east longitude about twenty-five miles to the south-west of Sholapur in Mohol taluka has, according to the Census of 1971, a population of 2,274 souls. The village is situated on the left bank of the Bhima. The village was originally known as Ghodeshwar but the name was subsequently changed to Peth Begampur and Begampur. Though popularly known as Begampur, the Census of 1961 mentions it as Chodeshwar.

The village has a post office, a primary school and a dispensary. River and wells from the main sources of water-supply. The weekly market is held on every Thursday.

The place takes its name from one of Aurangzeb's daughters who died while her father was encamped at Brahmapuri on the opposite bank of the Bhima. She was buried at this place and her tomb is a plain solid structure in a courtyard 180 feet square. It overhangs the Bhima from which it is guarded by a strong masonry wall recently re-built. A slab has been put over the monument by the Government. It is a protected monument. Local residents of the village, with no barriers of religion, visit the tomb accepting her to be the goddess.