Ekruke is a small village in North Sholapur taluka about five miles north-east of Sholapur situated in 1735' north latitude and 7550' east longitude. The population, as per the 1971 Census, was 700. It has a large artificial lake. It comprises a reservoir formed by an earthen dam 7,200 feet long and seventy-two feet high and three canals. The lake, when full, is sixty feet deep and holds water amounting to 3,350 millions of cubic feet. The area of water surface is 4,640 acres or 7 square miles. Two waste weirs, together 750 feet long, are provided for the escape of flood water after the lake is full. Of the canals, one on each bank is at a high level, designed for four months watering and the third on the left bank is at a low level designed for a twelve months' discharge. Of the two high level canals the right bank canal is eighteen miles long, discharges sixty cubic feet a second and commands 565 arable acres, whereas the left bank canal is four miles long, discharges twenty-five cubic feet a second, and commands 856 arable acres. The low level left bank canal is twenty-six miles long, discharges seventy cubic feet a second, and commands about 10,601 arable acres. The plans of the lake were prepared in 1863, sanctioned in 1866, and the whole work finished by the end of 1881-82 at a cost of about Rs. 12,12,620. As on 30th June 1966, the tank facilitated irrigation of about 61 hectares perennially and about 3,090 hectares seasonally.