Located in 1725' north latitude and 7610' east longitude, Maindargi is a municipal town in Akkalkot taluka and has, according to the Census of 1971, a total population of 10,725 souls. It has a post office. The educational facilities to the town populace are provided by the primary schools conducted by the Zilla Parishad and a high school known as New English School. Wells and nallahs form the main source of water-supply. Scarcity of drinking water is often felt. The medical facilities are provided by the private medical practitioners and a dispensary conducted by the Zilla Parishad. The weekly market held at Maindargi on every Friday is also a cattle market.

The municipality was established at Maindargi in the year 1889. The municipality is now governed under the Maharashtra Municipalities Act, 1965. The municipality covers an area of 14.7 square miles. The municipal council is composed of sixteen members with one seat being reserved for the scheduled castes and one for women. The chief officer is the executive head of the municipality.

The only object of interest in the town is the shrine of the god Siddheshwar. Though the shrine is not of any consequence from the architectural point of view it has some religious importance. An annual fair is held at the shrine in honour of god Siddheshwar in the month of Margashirsha (December) on 15th Shuddha, i.e., the full-moon day when more than 6,000 people assemble.