A village about fourteen miles to the south-east of Karmala, the taluka head-quarters, is situated in Karmala taluka in 1800' north latitude and 7455' east longitude and has, as per the Census of 1971, a total population of 1,914 souls. It has a primary school. Wells form the main source of water-supply to the village.

The village has a small structure with twenty-two sculptured slabs arranged along the wall. The slabs are in excellent order. It is said, as per the local tradition, that these slabs are the remains of a temple of Shiva constructed during the rule of the Yadavas of Devagiri and later dismantled by Aurangzeb. It is further reported that a few of the slabs were used in the construction of a masjid at Paranda in Osmanabad district. The sculpture on the slabs shows figures of gods and goddesses and many other apsaras in dancing posture. Some figures depict copulative blandishment. All these slabs are considered to be fine specimens of stone carving.