The TWENTIETH CENTURY WITNESSED THE GROWTH OF numerous voluntary social service organisations which have been playing an important role in shaping the course of public life. These organisations are working side by side with Governmental institutions for the betterment of numerous sections of society. These organisations are run by the people and for the people.

With the advance of time, and the progress achieved in various fields of civilization, human life has become more complex than before. In the past the individual and the State stood aloof. With changes in the socio-political concepts, the relationship between the State and the individual also underwent a momentous change. The State started taking an interest in multifarious developmental activities. The might of the State increased immensely not only in terms of economic resources, but in terms of man-power and technique also. However, inspite of the immense resources at its disposal, the State could not touch each and every aspect of the life of citizens.

Since Independence, Government has placed before itself the motto of a Welfare State and has been shouldering numerous public activities. It is however difficult for the State to be the guardian angel of the individual as a member of the society. It is, therefore, essential to have voluntary social organisations of the people with common interest.

The individuals themselves with a view to attain the best in life come together, and venture upon the accomplishments in educational, literary and other activities pertaining to the moral and material development of the human personality.

These associations of the individuals can be organised to work hand in hand with the Government, as their role is essentially complementary to that of the State. They have proved very helpful and co-operative with the State in the field of education and development of cultural attitudes. The voluntary social organisations are getting a wider scope in these days of competition and busy life. The voluntary organisations are more effective than State activities in so far as they can adopt the methods of developmental activities which are suitable to the genius of the local people. The voluntary actions are always flexible and progressive, and this is the most important aspect of the work done by them.

In Sholapur district, there are many organisations working in various fields such as educational, literary, philosophical and other fields covering practically every aspect of human existence.

A major problem faced by most of the institutions relates to the availability of adequate financial resources. The capacity of these institutions to raise funds from donations and public charity is always limited. They have therefore to depend upon Government grants as well. It is in the field of education that the State Government has shouldered the responsibility of financing upto the secondary level. The State Government provides grants-in-aid to educational institutions.