District Administration Setup The Solapur district is comprising of 6 Revenue Sub-Divisions, 11 Revenue Tehsils, 91 Revenue Circle and 1144 Revenue Villages.

The administration of the Taluka is run by the Tahsildar. They in turn report to their respective Sub Divisional Officers and the District Collector. The overall administration of a Sub-Division is taken care by a Sub-Divisional Officer and they in turn report to the District Collector.

District Collector / District Magistrate is mainly responsible for the District Administration. The District Collector is assisted by Resident Deputy Collector and the Sub-Divisional Officers to maintain the law and order in the district. The Tahsildar of the Taluka is responsible for the law and order situation in their respective Talukas. The flow of instructions/orders is mainly from the Collector to S.D.O.’s and the to Tahsildars.

District Administrative Setup of Collectorate
Additional Collector Additional Chitnis, Tenancy
Tahsildar, Rehabilitation
Tahsildar, Sanjay Gandhi Yojana
Mining Branch
Resident Deputy Collector Tahsildar, Revenue
Tahsildar, General Administration
Tahsildar, Entertainment
Tahsildar Setu (Special Executive
Naib Tahsildar, Home Branch
Accounts Officer
Deputy Collector (Revenue) Mining Officer
Tahsildar, Sanjay Gandhi Yojana (Rural)
Tahsildar, Sanjay Gandhi Yojana (City)
Additional Chitnis, Tenancy
Village Panchayat Election
District Rehabilitation Officer Tahsildar, Rehabilitation
District Supply Officer Assistant District Supply Officer
Foodgrain Distribution Officer Assistant Foodgrain Distribution Officer
Deputy Collector E.G.S. Executive Engineer, E.G.S.
Deputy District Election Officer Tahsildar Election
District Planning Officer Assistant Planning Officer
District Land Acqusition Officer Co-ordination  
District Land Acqusition Officer No. 1  
District Land Acqusition Officer No. 3  
District Land Acqusition Officer No. 7  
District Land Acqusition Officer No. 11  
District Project Officer Municipal Administration  
Deputy Collector Urban Land Ceiling  
District Planning Officer Assistant District
Planning Officer
Accounts Officer
Division and Taluka level setup
Sub Divisional Officer Tahsildars
Sub-Divisional Officer, Solapur No. 1, Solapur Tahsildar North Solapur
Tahsildar Barshi
Sub-Divisional Officer, Solapur No. 2, Solapur Tahsildar South Solapur Tahsildar Akkalkot
Sub-Divisional Officer, Pandharpur Division, Pandharpur Tahsildar Pandharpur
Tahsildar Mohol
Sub-Divisional Officer, Madha Division, Kurduwadi Tahsildar Madha
Tahsildar Karmala
Sub-Divisional Officer, Mangalwedha Division, Mangalwedha Tahsildar Mangalwedha
Tahsildar Sangola
Sub-Divisional Officer, Malshiras Division, Akluj Tahsildar Malshiras
Talukawise Circles, Sajjas and Villages
Tahsil No. Of Circles No. Of Sajjas No. Of Villages
North Solapur 5 25 54
Barshi 10 57 138
South Solapur 7 40 90
Akkalkot 9 54 131
Pandharpur 9 54 95
Mohol 8 46 104
Madha 9 55 118
Karmala 8 48 118
Mangalwedha 7 43 81
Sangola 9 54 103
Malshiras 10 59 112
Total 91 535 1144

In addition to this, the District Collector co-ordinates with the Commissioner of Municipal Corporation, Commisioner of Police, Solapur City and the Superintendant of Police, Solapur Rural to maintain Law and Order situation and other matters related to district.