IRAD-Integrated Road Accident Database

Start : 01/01/2021 End : 31/12/2025

Venue : Solapur

IRAD (Integreated Road Accident Databse) is a project intiated by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India. Solapur district in Maharashtra is in the first phase (pilot district) of the project. The stakeholders are Police, RTO, National Highways, State Highways initially. The project is being implemented under the guidance of ADG Police GOM, Transport Commissioner GOM at state level with the help of Nodal officers at District Level.

The local offices of the district involved are CP (Traffic), SP(Traffic and Highways), RTO (Solapur, Akluj).
Implementation guidance is given by office of SIO, NIC Maharashtra, from State level. Technical support is given by District Unit of NIC, Solapur.

The aim of the project is ‘Safe Road for All’. The project will have a national database of road accidents. The data will help the authorities to study various aspects of road traffic, accidents, status of roads etc. This will help the authorities to finalise various policies, decision making to improve the status of roads so that accidents are minimised. Thus resulting safe road to all.

At the district level the project is implemented by the District Informatics Officer, Additional Distict Informatics Officer of NIC
and Roll Out Manager from NICSI from 01/01/2021.

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