Barshi is famous for the BHAGWANT MANDIR. Bhagwant temple is dedicated to Shri Vishnu. The uniqueness of this temple is that, this is the only one temple of Shri Vishnu all over India having Shri Vishnu’s name as BHAGAWNT. The temple is build in Hemadpanthi style in the year 1245 A.D. There are four entries to the temple from all the four directions, but the main entry is east-facing. There is one GARUDKHAMB in front of Garbhagraha. The idol of main diety Shri Bhagwant is in black stone having SHANKH, CHAKRA and GADA in the hands and picture of devotee king Ambrish below the right hand. Shri Laxmi is on the back of Bhagwant idol. Shivlinga is there on the forehead and marks of Footsteps of Bhrigu Rishi on the chest of the diety.

There are old records showing the grants released by Shri Nanasaheb Peshve in the year 1760, by East India company in 1823 and by British Government in 1784. The temple management is looked after by a Panch Committee. Badves carry out the work of daily rituals of the temple. The daily rituals include Kakada Arti, Nitya Puja, Mahapuja in the morning, Dhuparti in the evening and Shejarti in the night. Large no. of devotees visit during the Chaitri, Maghi, Aashadi & kartiki (Hindu Months) Ekadashi. During the Aashadi & Kartiki Ekadashi a large procession is taken out covering the town with Bhagwant riding on Garuda. A CHABINA is taken out on every full moon day.

  • Shri. Bhagwant idol
  • Shri. Bhagwant Barshi
  • Shri. Bhagwant idol.
  • Bhagwant idol

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Air port is Pune.

By Train

Barshi Railway Station falls on the Kurduwadi-Latur route of central railway.

By Road

It is 72 kms from Solapur. Buses ply every hour from Solapur to Barshi and vice versa.